European Restaurant

The restaurant features elegant atmosphere and incorporates the beauty of the surrounding landscape with floor to ceiling windows. Dinner is served on round tables of 8, the space has its state-of-the-art bar, stage and high-tech sound system for live performances. This is the place for any occasions, breakfast, dinner, either a bite or celebration. At our restaurants you will discover out chefs’ culinary masterpieces of international cuisine.

Georgian Corner

We believe that this exquisite location and the dishes we serve, which are strongly linked to Georgian traditions provide the perfect ambiance for Georgian style dinner.

Here, you can experience the Georgian culinary creativity, that is passed down through generations. Taste Georgian dishes created in open kitchen buy our experienced chefs, bite a freshly baked bread out of the Tone and admire green landscapes, refreshed by the breeze from mountains.

We will do our best to ensure you enjoy an authentic Georgian food and wine and have unforgettable cheerful time with your companions. Our extensive selection of wines creates the perfect complement to this exceptional culinary journey.

Pool Bar & Restaurant

After a relaxing swim at the pool, that neighbor’s beautiful vineyard, have refreshing drink from our Pool Bar. It offers an impressive selection of spirits and cocktails prepared to perfection, and freshly made lemonades. also, It offers variety of healthy dishes, sandwiches, burgers and desserts, also grilled dishes for those who wish to unwind and grab a bite while at the poolside.

Pool Bar also offers a special seat on its tower, that overlooks the property and provides a panoramic view of the local area, vineyards and even a Natakhtari airfield. After a superb meal, relax by simply taking your favorite drink and enjoy the scenery from above.

Cuisine -highlights:

Abkhazura with spicy sauce of beets

Pan Cakes with mango sauce

Baked sturgeon with a variety of garnishing and sauces

Trout with wheat garnish

Cheesecake with sugared pumpkin

Chicken in special sauce from Guria

Khinkali desert with Mango sauce